This Dog’s Owners Get Busted By The Cops… And He’s Willing To Follow Them To Jail

When police need to conduct a drug raid, it can be a scary situation for all involved. While the officers searching the premises know the exact protocol to follow, the suspects are often caught off-guard, and their reactions can be… unpredictable.

While suspected drug traffickers were being apprehended in Brazil recently, police officers were surprised to come face-to-face with the suspects’ dog. Rather than viciously protect his masters, however, this pooch did something quite unexpected.

In fact, the pup’s actions were so funny, they delighted the officer enough to snap a photo of the incident.

Police officers in Vargem Grande, Brazil recently raided the residence of suspected drug traffickers. As they apprehended the suspects, they were shocked to discover that one member of the operation didn’t even have fingerprints…


That’s because he was their dog… and he was fiercely loyal! After the suspects were instructed to lie down on the ground, their dog did the same!


One officer was so tickled by the dog’s behavior that he snapped a picture and posted it online, where it went viral. It looked like this furry accomplice wasn’t going to rat on his masters, no way, no how!


Drug trafficking is a serious issue, but this loyal dog helped ease any tensions during this raid by surrendering. Hopefully he learned his lesson and he kept his record clean after that incident!

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